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schema:Thingschema:encodingFormat "Media type typically expressed using a MIME format (see <a href="">IANA site</a> and <a href="">MDN reference</a>) e.g. application/zip for a SoftwareApplication binary, audio/mpeg for .mp3 etc.).<br/><br/> In cases where a <a class="localLink" href="schema:CreativeWork">CreativeWork</a> has several media type representations, <a class="localLink" href="schema:encoding">encoding</a> can be used to indicate each <a class="localLink" href="schema:MediaObject">MediaObject</a> alongside particular <a class="localLink" href="schema:encodingFormat">encodingFormat</a> information.<br/><br/> Unregistered or niche encoding and file formats can be indicated instead via the most appropriate URL, e.g. defining Web page or a Wikipedia/Wikidata entry.Media type typicall… "rdfs:commentschema:CreativeWorkrdfs:domain "encoding format"rdfs:labelxsd:stringrdfs:range